Microgreens have been a staple in fine dining establishments as a beautiful, edible garnish with an amazing amount of flavor. But these tasty beauties are far more than just a pretty finishing touch to your dish, they have been proven to be among some of the most nutrient rich edibles available. Microgreens have been documented to have between 4 and 40 times the nutritional value of their mature counterparts by volume. 

Microgreens are a great addition to any diet, with flavors that are unimaginable from these tiny nutritional powerhouses. Common uses are to add them to a Green Smoothie, add them to a Salad, as a Sandwich topper, top a Soup, or as a side dish by themselves. Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to using Microgreens.

The health benefits of many microgreens are so impactful that medical professionals have been known to recommend them to their patients.

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