What is Pure?

 We at First Leaf Farm llc believe it is important to ensure the freshest possible microgreens with a flavor that has not been altered by anything. This is why we go to great lengths to grow PURE.

Our PURE method means we do not add outside contaminants… No pesticides, No fertilizers, No GMO products.We grow using Vegan friendly methods. We do not use soil to eliminate any 3rd party contaminants being added.

Because we are a true Farm to Fork company we believe in only using food grade quality products. This includes the trays we grow in. Our trays are designed for food handling, our racks are food safe, our reservoirs are food grade, our medium is rinsed multiple times in boiling water prior to use to ensure the cleanest unaltered microgreens with the flavor as it was meant to be consumed.

That’s PURE Beyond Organic!